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GRC Awards

Nominations for the 2020 GRC Honors and Awards are now open. To submit a nomination, please click here.

The GRC Awards recognize distinguished colleagues in the geothermal community from around the world and have been a highlight of the geothermal calendar since the late 1970’s.

The recipients of these awards have a lifetime of achievement in the geothermal academic, scientific and commercial communities. The GRC Awards recognizes the contributions of these individuals to educational institutions and the geothermal community around the world.

Awards winners will be recognized during the GRC Virtual Annual Meeting on October 19-21, 2020.


Award Categories

  • Aidlin Presidential Award - The GRC President recognizes an individual who has helped him/her out during their time, mentoring/supporting them in their role. This would be at the full discretion of the President.
  • Geothermal Pioneer Award - Recognizes outstanding achievements and contributions to the development of geothermal resources. This would recognize individuals with a long service to the industry that has led the way for the rest of us.
  • Ramey Subsurface Excellence Award - For outstanding achievements in subsurface geoscience and engineering and impacts on geothermal development.
  • Holt Utilization Excellence Award - Recognizes outstanding achievements in the field of geothermal power plant design and construction, direct use, and other surface utilization focusing on innovation.
  • Geothermal Special Achievement Awards - Recognizes special or outstanding achievements in any aspect of geothermal energy development and related areas (one awardee).
  • Outstanding Research Award - Recognizes excellence in research and potential impact on the geothermal industry.
  • Young Professional Award - Recognizes young innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers, and up and coming leaders.

Past GRC Award Winners

Joseph W. Aidlin Award

Recognizes outstanding contributions to the GRC and to the development of geothermal resources.

2019 Maria C. Richards
2018 Ron Barr
2017 Joseph N. Moore
2016 Anna Carter
2015 Gene Suemnicht
2014 Marilyn Nemzer
2013 Lucien Y. Bronicki
2012 R. Gordon Bloomquist
2011 Paul Brophy
2010 Marcelo Lippmann
2009 David Blackwell
2008 John Lund
2007 Philip Messer
2006 Philip M. Wright
2005 Daniel Schochet
2004 Joel L. Renner
2003 Sabodh K. Garg
2002 Louis E. Capuano, Jr.
2001 Marshall Reed
2000 Richard Campbell & Yuri Esaki
1999 Ben Holt
1998 Susan Hodgson
1997 Subir Sanyal
1996 Gerald Huttrer
1995 W.A.J. (Tony) Mahon
1994 John E. (Ted) Mock
1993 Jacob M. Rudisill
1992 John Rowley
1991 Don Falcone
1990 Harry Olson
1989 Jim Combs
1988 Patrick Muffler
1987 James B. Koenig
1986 Bob Greider
1985 Robert Fournier
1983 David N. Anderson
1982 William Byrd
1979 Joseph W. Aidlin

Geothermal Pioneer Award

Recognizes outstanding achievements in the development of geothermal resources.

2019 Leland “Roy” Mink
2018 Zvi Krieger
2017 James B. Koenig
2016 Wilfred Elders
2015 Alfredo Lahsen
2014 Joseph LaFleur
2013 Gustavo Cuéllar
2012 Tsuneo Ishido & Darrell L. Gallup
2011 Trevor M. Hunt
2010 John Pritchett
2009 Patrick Browne & Joe Moore
2008 Stuart Johnson & Dick Benoit
2007 Paul Hirtz
2006 Tsvi Mediav
2005 John Featherstone
2004 Carl F. Austin
2003 Luis F. De Ande Flores
2002 Alfred Truesdell
2001 Gary Shulman
2000 Gerardo Hiriart
1999 Peter Cartwright
1998 Larry Jones
1997 Paul Lienau & John Lund
1996 Dita and Lucien Bronick
1995 H. Christopher Armstead
1994 Henry J. Ramey, Jr.
1994 Joseph W. Aidlin
1993 James McNitt
1992 Ben Holt
1991 Comision Federal de Electricidad (Mexico)
1990 Japan Metals &Chemical Co., Inc.
1989 ENEL (Electric Energy Authority of Italy)
1988 Gunnar Bodvarsson & Johannes Zoega
1987 Donald White
1986 Carl Otte
1985 New Zealand DSIR & Ministry of Works
1983 Giancarlo Facca
1982 Reid Stone
1980 B.C. McCabe

Henry J. Ramey, Jr. Geothermal Reservoir Engineering Award

Recognizes outstanding achievements in the field of geothermal reservoir engineering.

2019 Dennis Kaspereit
2018 Peter Rose
2017 Sabodh K. Garg
2016 John Pritchett
2015 Thomas Kohl
2014 Anthony (Tony) J. Menzies
2013 Subir K. Sanyal
2011 Michael J. O’Sullivan
2010 Malcolm Grant
2009 Cal Stroebel
2008 Ladislaus Rybach
2007 Karsten Pruess
2006 Roland N. Horne

Ben Holt Geothermal Power Plant Award

Honors outstanding achievements in the field of geothermal power plant design and construction.

2019 Dr. William Harvey
2017 Kevin Kitz, P.E.
2016 Dan Hoyer
2015 Robert Tucker
2014 John R. Brugman
2013 Kenneth A. Phair
2011 Nobuhiko Hara
2010 Bill Lewis
2009 Richard Campbell
2007 Ronald DiPippo
2006 Kenneth Nichols

Geothermal Special Achievement Award

Recognizes special or outstanding achievements in any aspect of geothermal energy development and related areas.

2019 Vincent J. Signorotti and Bruce Levy
2018 Roy Baria, Virgil Welch and Kasumi Yasukawa
2017 Dennis J. Gilles, Elizabeth Johnson, Joseph "Skip" Matlick, Mack Kennedy
2016 Dale Merrick, Paul Spielman, Aroha Campbell
2015 Roland Horne, Ryuichi Itoi and Al Waibel
2014 Colin Goranson, Jill Robinson Haizlip & Ann Robertson-Tait
2013 Ingvar Birgir Fridleifsson, Doone Wyborn, Connie and Bernie Karl, & William Cumming
2012 Doug Powell, Jack A. Frost, Ahmad Ghassemi, & Patrick Dobson
2011 Greg Mines, Joseph J. Beall & Jefferson W. Tester
2010 Toni Boyd & Steve Enedy
2009 Tom Box, Jim Lovekin, & Roy Mink
2008 Gordon Bloomquist
2007 Karl Gawell
2006 Jeffrey Hulen & Charlene Wardlow
2005 Orhan Metroglu, Joseph Moore, John Sass, & Mike Shook
2004 David D. Blackwell and Marnell Dickson
2003 Tsuneo Ishido, Douglas Jung, Tom Champness, & Luis Guiterrez Negrin
2002 Enrico Barbier, Richard Hoops, & Russell James
2001 Sabodh Garg, Marcelo Lippmann, Eugene Premuzic, & Luis Quijano
2000 John Pritchett, Dan Schochet, Bob Sullivan, & Franco Tonani
1999 Dick Benoit, Gene Culver, Tsvi Meidav, & P. Michael Wright
1998 Angus Brodie, David Glowka, Harry Veizades, & Tatsuo Yamasaki
1997 Jack Adrian, Mark Dellinger, & Nazario Vasquez
1995 George A. Frye
1993 Derek Freeston, Geo-Heat Center, & Marilyn Nemzer
1991 Bob Forest & John E. (Ted) Mock